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Vendo is a "hosted" shopping cart application. There are no files to download, as everything is administered within the web-based store admin.

Vendo has three web-based applications:

  • the Vendo front-end search, which allows you to search live stores;
  • the Vendo shopping cart, for running your online store;
  • and the Vendo Core, a front-end control panel for resellers and partners to administer multiple stores' accounts.

Vendo shopping cart is run as a single application, with changes made to the core files updating all sites instantly.

New features are added through extensions which, can be enabled by the store owner, or in preferences if essential to all sites.

Vendo can be also extended at the store level through PHP files located in the vendor's data directory: /php/ or via the web-based admin in Layout > PHP

The design of each site is applied through templates: /templates/ with HTML, CSS, Javascript and images under Layout > Templates

Vendo Core

Vendo core is a customer relationship management system (or CRM) for administering the Vendo sites and clients, by partners and resellers.


Resellers are companies that pay Vendo for the use of the Vendo software, at wholesale rates.


Partners are individuals that are contracted to provide a service, e.g. a designer, programmer, salespeople, project managers.

Signing up as a reseller or partner

Contact us if you want to create more than one store.


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