List on Vendo

List on Vendo

Add the URL of your website to list your products on Vendo:


Products are imported automatcially from your website, or you can set up a direct XML feed. (Technical requirements).

× Requirements for importing products onto Vendo:
  • Your website must be indexable by the Vendobot spider
  • Your website must display a physical location
  • Customers must be able to purchase the items through your website
  • Products must have an easily discernable name and price
  • Products must have a clean clear (non-watermarked) image
  • Products must have a unique url

Vendo is free for first 50 products or from $49 per month.


Create a Store

Create an online store by entering a store name or user name:


Products are automatically listed on Vendo. It’s free* for up to 50 items, or from $49 per month for more.

* excludes custom domain, reports and advanced functionality. See pricing.