Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the use of the Vendo shopping search and Vendo ecommerce platform.

Security of information: Vendo Limited holds personal information for buyers and sellers using our software. We use this information to enable safe and efficient commercial transactions. Vendo is committed to doing everything within reason to ensure that this information is not accessed by anyone outside of Vendo Limited. Vendo will take reasonable steps to prevent any unlawful access of information but will not be held legally liable should this occur. Passwords are one-way hash encrypted and inactive accounts are periodically deleted.

Ownership of Information: Data that can be viewed via a web browser, such as that displayed on the store contact and about pages, is considered to be in the public domain. Data that is unique to the store creator and is not publicly accessible, such as order details and traffic statistics, is considered to be the property of the store creator. Data that is entered by the customer such as account name, email etc. is considered the property of the customer.

Disclosure of information: Vendo Limited does not disclose stored information to any third parties. Vendo agrees to view or use this data only for the purpose of normal activity within day to day operations. We also commit to not disclosing information that may, by inference, be attributed to a particular store. Vendo Limited will supply information to legal authorities when required by law or legal writ.

Deleting Information: Vendo agrees to delete any data owned by the store owner when requested by the store owner. The store owner agrees that customers may use that same account information on other stores, and will delete an account upon request by the customer. Customers can delete all data including all orders and personal information by logging in to and clicking "Delete account".

Cookies: We use cookies for this website's settings and for your login ("remember me", if checked when you log in), to store your location (city, used for when searching), user agent (because it takes about 1/2 a second to look up, which is too long so we keep it in a cookie) and layout (grid view / list view etc).

We don't use cookies for tracking, and we don't use tracking software such as Google Analytics on Store owners with a custom URL (e.g. may however use third party tracking software. You can delete your cookies here.

Third Party Cookies: We do not use third party cookies except for payment gateway Stripe which are only enabled when you check out to complete a purchase. If you don’t make a purchase or opt to pay through another gateway (or by bank deposit) these cookies are not enabled.

Tracking Information: Users logged into a Vendo store may be tracked as this can be useful for store owners to check when orders haven't gone through such as when an IPN order notification from Paypal or Payment Express has failed. Store owners with a custom URL (e.g. may use third party tracking software like Google Analytics which may use cookies.

Credit Card Information: Vendo does not store credit card details as all transactions are processed using trusted third party gateways: Stripe, Paypal, Paystation or Windcave. In some instances a "pay by bank deposit" or "charge to my account" option may be offered whereby transactions are processed offline, or through online banking.