Terms of Service

These terms and conditions apply to any user who creates a store or lists on Vendo. Your store is yours to do what you like with, however to protect the integrity of this service you are required to agree to these terms:

  1. No spam.
  2. Vendo should not be used as a file server or for landing pages for spam.
  3. Respect copyright - anything that is produced by other authors belongs to those authors.
  4. Vendo is an "as is" software application, you will not hold Vendo Limited legally liable for anything.
  5. There is no obligation or legal requirement for Vendo to provide features or functionality to the software upon request.
  6. You are responsible for fulfilling orders and communicating with your customers, and will abide by all applicable laws and taxation.
  7. Keep your own backups of the content of your store; Vendo is not responsible for any loss of data.
  8. Vendo Limited reserves the right to close a store.
  9. You and Vendo Limited will abide by the Privacy Policy.