List on Vendo


List your products so customers can click through to your website to purchase. Products are imported automatcially from your website, or you can set up a direct XML feed. (Technical requirements).

× Requirements for importing products onto Vendo:
  • Your website must be indexable by the Vendobot spider
  • Your website must display a physical location
  • Customers must be able to purchase the items through your website
  • Products must have a name and price
  • Products must have a clean, clear (non-watermarked) image
  • Products must have a unique url

Sell on Vendo


Set up a store page to sell your products on Vendo. Get started by entering your shop name. See pricing for seller fees.

List or Sell?

List if you already have a store and want customers to click through to your website to buy. Vendo can import from Shopify, Woocommerce and most major shopping cart platforms. You can also set up a dedicated CSV or XML feed.

Sell if you want to sell directly on Vendo. You might still have a store but want to sell only some of your products. Or you may not have your own online store and want to use Vendo as your online sales channel.

Vendo is free for up to 50 products then from $20 per month for up to 500 products or $50 per month for up to Unlimited products. See pricing for details.