Vendobot indexes shopping websites in New Zealand and adds products to its index. This includes online stores that are not using the Vendo store builder software.

Stores selling on Vendo

You do not need to do anything, all your products are listed and updated automatically. There is no interruption or effect on the performance of your website.

You can view your products by searching for your store URL in the search box above or going to

Stores listing on Vendo

Vendobot will crawl a website once a month (default) or daily, weekly or monthly depending on your preference.

The Vendobot normally operates between 12:00am and 5am, except when your store is being set up or checked; in some instances only the headers are retrieved (such as checking for 404's).

Required Fields

Products must have a unique URL and contain a price, name and image. Categories are indexed to retrieve more product URLs. If you have a /sitemap.xml page configured this is normally the first page checked.

Block URL

You can block the Vendobot by including the"noindex, nofollow" meta tag on specific pages, or to block Vendobot from your entire site include the following in your robots.txt file:

    User-agent: Vendobot
    Disallow: /

Request Removal

If you would like to remove your website, or if somehow we've got something wrong, please let us know by emailing

Supply a product feed in XML or CSV

Enter the URL of your feed into your store profile, the feed must be from the same domain of your website, E.g. or

The required product fields are:
  - name
  - price
  - image_url
  - url.

Fields can appear in any order, and the optional fields can be omitted (the required fields must be included and should not be empty).

Once you have imported all your products each subscequent feed import can be your full inventory or only the products that have been modified.

Sample XML feed

Sample CSV feed

Product Status IDs

Status codes for setting the product status, the default is 0

Optional fields

Additional data may be suppled with optional fields including:

this is useful for ensuring an existing product is only modified if there has been a change since the last updated date.
helpful for categorisation within Vendo’s search results.
specifying a gender will ensure items appear higher in gender-specific searches such as "ladies shoes". Valid gender types include mens, womens, boys, girls, unisex (default for no value), baby
only a summary is used for displaying within search results, however a full description in the details field can provide additional keywords for searching. If the details is supplied and no summary then the details will be used as the summary for search results.
must be lower than the price.
blank means no stock limit, a numeric value of: zero is out of stock, over zero is a stock amount that is decremented the quantity purchased when an order is placed.

Using a Google product feed

Vendo can also accept a Google Products XML file. If you already have one set up then simply supply the full URL of the XML file in your store profile.

Other product feeds

We can also modify our import script if you have already implemented a standardised XML feed for another application. Just email us a link to the XML file.