About Vendo

  1. What is Vendo?
  2. Who is behind Vendo?
  3. What technology do we use?
  4. How do I delete my account?

What is Vendo?

Vendo is an online shopping search engine based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Who is behind Vendo?

Vendo was created by Jason Morehouse (programming, Canada) and Sean Naden (design, Auckland).

What technology do we use?

Vendo is written in PHP, using MySQL and SQLite databases, hosted by Sitehost in Auckland, on Apache web servers running a Debian distribution of the Linux operating system. Some translations powered by Yandex.Translate

How do I delete my account?

1. Log in at www.vendo.co.nz/login/
2. Go to www.vendo.co.nz/account/ where you will see a link on the left to "Delete account"
3. Click Delete account.

This will delete your account completely including any orders placed on any Vendo store. This cannot be undone.