About Vendo

What is Vendo?

Vendo is a New Zealand marketplace for independent retailers and small businesses. Retailers can sell products directly on Vendo for purchasing, or import products from their existing online store and allow customers to click through to their website to purchase.

Who is Vendo?

Vendo was created in 2003 by Jason Morehouse (programming, Canada) and Sean Naden (design, Auckland) while working at Netconcepts in Auckland New Zealand.

Jason Morehouse is the Co-founder and CEO of Checkfront, a powerful cloud online booking & e-commerce platform used by thousands of businesses in over 128 countries. Jason lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Sean Naden is the designer working full time on Vendo. Sean has designed and built over 100 online stores for retailers and wholesalers since 2000 including tasart.co.nz and crystallight.co.nz. Sean lives on Great Barrier Island, Auckland, New Zealand.

How do I list my products on Vendo?

Create a store and set your website as the import URL. Or you can manually add and edit products. You can create a store here.

How much does it cost to sell on Vendo?

There are no success fees when you sell on Vendo, only a fixed monthly price based on how many products you'd like to list. Sellers can use their own payment gateway like Stripe or Paypal, where the fees charged by the gateway are typically around 3%. If you don't have a payment gateway account you can use "Pay through Vendo" which has a transaction fee of 4.9% where payment is made through Vendo then deposited into your bank account. For more see pricing.

Is it safe and secure to sell on Vendo?

Yes, transactions are made on a secure server. Payments by credit card are through Stripe, Paypal, Paystation, Windcave or POLi, and Vendo does not store any credit card information. Customers can also delete their account after placing an order, if they don't want their name and address details kept on record by the retailer.

What technology do we use?

Vendo is written in PHP, using MySQL and SQLite databases, hosted by Sitehost in Auckland, on Apache web servers running a Debian distribution of the Linux operating system. Some translations powered by Yandex.Translate

Our search engine Vendobot visits your website every now and then to scan your available products, this is usually done overnight between 1am and 5am, and we try to keep the "hits" to a minimum. You can also set up a data feed in XML or CSV. If you're unsure about how to set up a direct feed you can contact Sean by phone or email and he will help you get set up.

How do I delete my account?

1. Log in at www.vendo.co.nz/login/
2. Go to www.vendo.co.nz/account/ where you will see a link on the left to "Delete account"
3. Click Delete account.

This will delete your account completely including any orders placed on any Vendo store. This cannot be undone.

How do I remove my store?

Email Sean at support@vendo.co.nz and your store listings will be deleted. See /request-removal/ for more details.