Use the Vendo store builder to create your online store. Here's a summary of Vendo's features:

Design Control

  • instant editing: when you want to change a product or update a price, browse your store and edit any page through the easy to use admin. Title and summary can also be edited directly on the page viewed.
  • design customisation: you have full front-end control of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Edit your "master template" or apply individual page "skins" for selected sections, pages or devices.
  • standards compliant HTML and CSS: valid to internationally recognised W3C standards HTML5 and XHTML, CSS3
  • multiple design templates: assign templates to pages or section—e.g. allowing for Christmas themes, one-off promotions etc., 404 error page, order page
  • dynamic variables: use built-in dynamic variables for displaying dynamic content such as category links—or create your own with full PHP programming access
  • multiple categories: create as many categories as you like with category link text and URLs automatically created for you, perfectly formatted for Google. With sub-categories and sub-sub-categories, and alternate categories allowing you to have a product displayed within up to nine separate categories; sort your categories and products to display in any order.
  • unlimited info pages: add/edit info pages like news or events, about us and contact pages.
  • WYSIWYG editor: give your clients Word-like page editing with “what you see is what you get” editor control
  • multi-level administrator access: set back-end administrator access to all areas or restrict to some sections or pages only. For example you might like to let a customer or supplier edit products within a single category, while not having access to orders and layout functionality.
  • Smart search: Vendo site-search uses a built-in algorythm to determine the best results for every search your csutomers enter. Customers can search by SKU, brand, product name or custom categorisations; Search results are ranked by multiple factors including previously selected results by users, times viewed and keyword count.
  • custom redirects: add custom redirects for mis-spellings or alternate names, minimising 404 error pages
  • custom error pages: add custom redirects for ‘404 error’ pages
  • ‘did you mean’ synonyms: add "did you mean" messages for any search term—just look at what your visitors are searching for and edit each search term. For example if you see a search mis-spelling for "coca-cloa" you can add a "did you mean?" or redirect for coca-cola.
  • automated redirection: Vendo automatically adds 301 redirects for changed URLs—reduces 404s for pages cached in Google, applies to all product URLs—for example when the parent category URL is changed the urls for all products within the category will be updated


Notifications And Reporting

  • instant email notifications: customisable emails get sent for orders, new customers and orders shipped; set your own message text for notifications
  • order tracking: view orders, customers and set status and add courier track-and-trace codes for your customers to monitor their orders in transit.
  • referrer tracking: monitor what your customers searched for on Google for each order, including PPC referrers and landing pages, and total sales for each search term
  • affiliate tracking: add your own tracking codes for affiliates via links or customer entered codes
  • extensive reports: see what visitors are searching for and where your customers came from; gauge which products are selling the most, and view where your customers are buying from by city and country
  • yearly financials: see comparative sales reports by month and year


External Integration

  • external reports integration: connect to Google Analytics for even more extensive reporting
  • Google Site-maps integration: built-in Google's Site-maps for additional tools
  • automatic meta description generation: for Google SERPS display
  • RSS & XML feeds: customisable RSS live feeds by category, products limit, date; Google sitemaps XML feed.
  • CSV import/export: export data of your products, orders, customers and reports to CSV, XML or Excel spreadsheet, with delimiters including days, limit; import products spreadsheet of entire inventory
  • API: write your own applications to connect your website to your POS through the Vendo API


Smooth Checkout

  • automatic shipping rates calculation: set your courier rates based on weight and distance with maximum size delimiters. Vendo automatically calculates the order shipping fee based on the total weights of products in the order, combined with four "zones" NZ-wide including local, outer-area, within same-island and inter-island, plus rural delivery fee.
  • simple checkout process: smooth ordering process allows for better conversions
  • instant payment: get your sales directly into your merchant account when an order is placed
  • in-store pickup: allow customers to pick up as well as delivery option during checkout
  • order restrictions: set minimum order amount and minimum quantities
  • gift options: set optional gift wrapping, personal message and delivery date options
  • handling fee: set additional handling fee to shipping for retail and wholesale, with option to set values for individual customers
  • wish list: multiple options for customer wish list including registered-only and wishlist key
  • automatic post-code allocation: customers don't need to know their post-code as it's automatically generated based on suburb - for highly accurate NZ Post-standard address formatting.
  • free delivery: assign free delivery on a per product basis or for orders over a set value
  • combine shipping: allow customers to combine their order with a previous pending order, (where status is not dispatched)
  • multiple recipients: allow customers to enter multiple recipients with a personal message, delivery date and gift wrapping for one or more items in their cart
  • product specific shipping rates: assign shipping rates for each product with options for minimum shipping total, maximum shipping total and additional rates
  • Stripe, Paypal or Windcave payment gateways: use Stripe, Paypal, Windcave , bank deposit and "Charge to Account" as payment methods


Product Customisation

  • spreadsheet-style product page: add and edit products in spreadsheet view for faster loading and updating.
  • live edit mode: edit product names and summary directly on category and product pages.
  • image uploading: upload product images, automatically resized for small, medium and large
  • product status: set products to hidden, out of stock and featured
  • stock limit: set the total in stock for each product, so products become unavailable when out of stock
  • sale price: add sale price to any item, automatically assigning to the sale category
  • multiple wholesale pricing: up to 10 wholesale rates, assignable to individual accounts or by issuing wholesale keys to your customers; customisable as bulk pricing also
  • quantity pricing: set variable pricing based on quantity purchased
  • GST pricing: additional or inclusive GST for wholesale pricing
  • customisable product variations: create your own custom product variations like size, colour etc.
    multiple categorisations: customise your browse types by brand, varietal, price, region or any categorisation you want, including category, subcategory and subsubcategory with up to three categories assignable to each product.
  • custom groupings: create browsable and searchable sets of attributes with groupings - group by size, price range, age group, brand etc.
  • reviews and ratings: allow users to comment or post reviews, with moderator level accept/decline/delete/edit
  • time and date bookings: set product as a reservation booking with time and date parameters, limits, and time margins
  • meta keywords: add words such as mis-spellings or alternate names to products to be included within internal searches


Advanced Functionality

  • custom account fields: add custom fields to customer account profile
  • customer discount: apply a unique discount rate for each customer
  • custom subscribe form: customisable subscribe form for any type of service from emails to request information
  • multiple admins: assign other staff access through their own admin login
  • multi-language support: add additional translations via multi-language files
  • discounts: set discount rates "for orders over" order totals; plus create discount codes for promotions with percentage discounts or dollar values
  • customer credit: for refunds etc.
  • gift vouchers: redeemable online or in-store, you can create gift vouchers with unique voucher codes
  • backups: automated daily database backups with instant rollback to store database and templates so you don't need to worry about making a mistake or deleting the wrong data
  • email newsletter application: Vendo allows you to send email newsletters to your customers with a built-in Mailout application—includes design template, multi-part (text and HTML) and reporting functionality
  • branches: Vendo's “Branches” feature lets you split your website into multiple branches, enabling your stores to set their own pricing and stock levels. “Branches” also allows customers to buy directly from their nearest store; ideal for franchise retailers and retail chains
  • live help: communicate with customers via a simple live help/chat window
  • multi-branch: create a store with "branches" that have their own sub-domain, and allow direct-to-branch purchases. Stores will share the same master template and the products database but orders, customers and information pages can be customised. Branches may also add their own products and categories, or add products for all stores.
  • multi-site: enable multiple websites running on one products database, while layout, customer data and information is unique to each site. Each website can have its own templates, but shares the products and categories database; new and updated products are imported from the parent/master hourly.
  • site wiki: add a wiki to your site to display a help section or for customer documention
  • global functions: update your database with global SQL commands like search-and-replace and SQL queries
  • caching: fast page loading with statical HTML files, generated the first time a page is viewed then loaded on each subsequent request
  • sqlite admin: edit your products database within sqlite web-based editor