List your products on Vendo from your existing website or create a new online store.

Vendo is free for up to 50 products then $49 per month for up to 5,000 products.

For over 5,000 products see our volume pricing plans.

Vendo Software Licence Pricing Plans

up to 50 products

✗ custom domain
✗ reports
✗ extensions

up to 5,000 products

✓ custom domain
✓ reports
✓ extensions

up to 10,000 products

✓ custom domain
✓ reports
✓ extensions

up to 20,000 products

✓ custom domain
✓ reports
✓ extensions

You can upgrade or change your plan at any time.

Full licence includes hosting and automatic software upgrades.

Additional Products

If you require more products than your licence allows, but don’t yet need to upgrade to the next level.

LicencePriceIncluded ProductsAdditional Products+Cost /month
Seller$49up to 5,0001,000$10.00
Retailer$99up to 10,0001,000$7.50
Superstore$199up to 20,0001,000$5.00
Seller licence with 8,000 products:
$49 + (3 x $10) = $79 /month
Retailer licence with 12,000 products:
$99 + (2 x $7.50) = $114 /month

Reseller Pricing

Requires a minimum 2 live stores:

LicenceCost /month~ Per StoreMax. Licences
5 store licence$99 (i.e. up to 5 stores)$20 /monthSeller
10 store licence$199 /month$20 /monthRetailer
20 store licence$299 /month$15 /monthRetailer
50 store licence$499 /month$10 /monthSuperstore
100 store licence$999 /month$10 /monthSuperstore
$20,000 Superstore

Become a Vendo Master Reseller!

  • Sign up new resellers/partners and earn up to 50% commission* on monthly fees
  • One-time only licence fee
  • Full Training & Support

*25% for sales only, or 50% for sales and support

Please contact us if you have two or more stores and you would like to register for reseller pricing.

You will receive your monthly invoice by email on the 1st of the month.
Payment must be received with 7 days of the date of invoice.
Standard Terms & Conditions apply.