Docs: Introduction to Extensions

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In addition to the built-in extensions, you can also create your own. You can write PHP functionality plus query and update your SQLITE database.

Your PHP executable files are located in your /php/ directory which can be edited through your admin under Layout > PHP. Resellers can access via FTP, everyone else can access via /vendo/php/ in your browser.

Your PHP files are included at the top and bottom of every page. 

(Note: the built-in extensions are not editable.)

Files can you add extensions to


Via ftp: if you see a file named and want to use it, rename it to - likewise if you no longer want to use it rename it back to or any other name (or just delete it). Only files that are named exactly as above are included.

Include order

A page is accessed by the web browser, for example the homepage is "index.php"

The page includes:

    /php/             (or "")
       - Vendo then processes various functions specific to the index.php file
       - Vendo generates the html, head and opening body tags
       - Vendo loads and parses your template header.html
the page (index.php) runs its own content

       - Vendo loads and parses your template footer.html
       - Vendo then adds the closing body and html tags

To get a feel for adding your own extensions start with these Examples


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