Docs: Smart Tags

Smart tags are pre-defined snippets of text that display dynamic content. For example, because your category links may change often, you wouldn't want to hard code these links into your template as this would require updating every time you changed or added a category. Inserting the Smart Tag {$LINKS_CATEGORY} into your template HTML will generate your category links as an HTML list on-the-fly.

Smart tags usually contain relevant classes and IDs for use in your CSS. For example, category links would look something like:

<div class="links-category">
  <li class="link-mens-shoes first current"><a href="/shop/mens-shoes/">Mens Shoes</a></li>
  <li class="link-t-shirts"><a href="/shop/t-shirts">T-Shirts</a></li>

View the source in your browser to see the outputted HTML or see the Code Library for the full list of Smart Tags.


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