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When editing pages HTML is preferred. The only advantage in using wiki markup is when creating links to other pages: if you create a wiki link for a page that doesn't exist the wiki parser will create the page for you. Or you can just create the page by using the "add page" link to your left.

Keep in mind this wiki is a watered down version of the Wikipedia style wiki - only a few basic functions are included. It's expected that most designers and developers here will know how to write correctly formatted HTML and will opt to use HTML.

Example code use the HTML tag <code> to utilise highlighting and avoid parsing.

Allowed Markup

Wiki MarkupHTMLDisplay
LINEBREAK 1 LINEBREAK 2 LINEBREAK 3<br /> 1<br /> 2<br /> 3
[[]]<a href=""></a>
[[Variables]]<a href="Variables">Variables</a>Variables
[[Variables|List of Variables]]<a href="Variables">List of Variables</a>List of Variables
[[|Google]]<a href="">Google</a>Google
----<hr />
'''''bold italic'''''<strong><i>bold italic</i></strong>bold italic
# ordered list item
# ordered list item
<li>ordered list item</li>
<li>ordered list item</li>
  1. ordered list item
  2. ordered list item
* unordered list item
* unordered list item
<li>unordered list item</li>
<li>unordered list item</li>
  • unordered list item
  • unordered list item
==heading 2==<h2>heading 2</h2>

heading 2

===heading 3===<h3>heading 3</h3>

heading 3

====heading 4====<h4>heading 4</h4>

heading 4

=====heading 5=====<h5>heading 5</h5>
heading 5
======heading 6======<h6>heading 6</h6>
heading 6

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