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  • NZD $99
    Quattro (delay)
    Joyo JF-318 quattro digital delay aka the quattro like the name suggests it has four modes of delay with copy analog modulation and a versatile filter delay.
  • NZD $99
    Raptor (flanger)
    The joyo JF-327 raptor flanger ironman mini guitar effect pedal just like its fighter jet brother can give you the roaring sound of a jet engine which is what great flangers are known for the jet-flanger sound.
  • NZD $99
    Spaceverb (reverb)
    The rather wonderful JF-317 joyo space verb is the first reverb pedal from joyo and it is set impress with the latest mini pedal from joyo the space verb reverb effect gives you access four classic reverb sounds room / hall / church / plate.
  • NZD $99
    Wooden sound (acoustic simulator)
    The joyo JF-323 wooden sound acoustic simulator pedal it is set impress with its simulation of an acoustic sounding guitar turn your electric guitar into an acoustic one at the press of a button with the latest mini pedal from joyo the wooden sound acoustic simulator effect expands the range of your guitar tone without swapping out your guitar mid track or compensating on the mix.
  • NZD $99
    Joyo JF-322 wow wah auto wah the wow-wah is an auto-wah with a wide range of sounds it is extremely dynamic and great kick in some very versatile funk at your fingertips.
  • NZD $149
    Fuzzkill 70
    The sound of 1970 stooges in a micro box of fuzz old school vintage fuzz tone the fuzzkill70 is the sound of garage rock based on the classic mosrite fuzzrite.
  • NZD $149
    Backlash - feedback/effects loop - firehorsefx
    Firehorsefx are a new zealand company making handmade effects pedals.the backlash is a true bypass loop/feedback pedal it can make any pedal true bypass or turn multiple pedals on/off at the same time with the option feedback the mix.
  • NZD $101 $75save $26
    Metal distortion pedal eh micro metal muff 3 working modes lo boost/boost off/hi boost lo boost a narrow band of high frequencies a little bit boost off no boost is engaged hi boost a higher amount of boost is engagedfull metal shellvery small and exquisitetrue bypass
  • NZD $115 $75save $40
    A high gain distortion sound with powerful mid frequency full metal shell very small and exquisite true bypass dc 9V adapter power supply not included
  • NZD $75
    Ultra drive
    Distortion pedal boss DS-1 keeley mod version 3 working modes original/extra/ultra original provide a strong and hard edge distortion sound with low noise level extra for high gain and more tube like distortion ultra for a fatter drive tone and a wider distortion range.full metal shellvery small and exquisitetrue bypassdc 9V adapter power supply not included