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API > Location on Vendo

API > Location


The Vendo API can be accessed either via your website or the at https://www.vendo.co.nz/api/. There is no difference other than the Vendo website is secure and has a request limit.

POST/GET via https://{YOUR_STORE}/api/ or https://www.vendo.co.nz/api/ or https://{YOUR_USERNAME}.vendo.co.nz/api/ if you:

  • are updating or retrieving customers or orders data
  • want your data encrypted

Requests limit:

  • https://www.vendo.co.nz/api/ - 1000 requests per day
  • https://{YOUR_USERNAME}.vendo.co.nz/api/ - no limit
  • https://{YOUR_STORE}/api/ - no limit