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What is a Vendo Account for?

Once you’ve created an account with one Vendo store you can log into any other store using the same email and password. The information copied over to that store will include your name, phone and address details, it will not include order details specific to each store. If you prefer you may create a new account with each Vendo store, however if you change your address or phone number on one store it will not be updated with other accounts you may already have.

Your Vendo account allows you to log in and check out without having to create a new account for every store that uses the Vendo software.

Your Vendo account does not contain any sensitive payment data such as credit card numbers, those details are handled and stored by third party payment gateways such as Paypal or DPS.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you are trying to log in and you can't remember your password or which store you've previously registered with use the password reset link on the login page of any Vendo store. If you don’t receive an email within a few minutes, check your spam folder. If still no luck you can email support@vendo.co.nz from that email address and we'll reset your password for you.

How do I delete my account?

1. Log in at www.vendo.co.nz/login/
2. Go to www.vendo.co.nz/account/ where you will see a link on the left to "Delete account"
3. Click Delete account.

This will delete your account completely including any orders placed on any Vendo store. This cannot be undone.

What is Vendo?

Vendo is a web-based application used by shopping websites. If you’ve purchased from a website that runs on Vendo, you will already have a Vendo account.


Your Vendo account doesn’t contain credit card details. Purchases made on any Vendo store are made using a third party gateway like Paypal or DPS. No money is transferred through Vendo when a puchase is made, and the account information stored is used for completing transactions such as delivery and billing addresses.

Your account information is available only to the storeholders for which you have an account with. Once you create an account with a store that storeholder may choose to copy those details outside of the Vendo software (such as their accounting software like MYOB.) If you request that we delete your account you may also wish to contact the storeholder(s) directly if you want to ensure all information is deleted.

No Spam Policy

Vendorama Limited will only send email to Vendo accounts in exceptional circumstances, such as server downtime. Vendorama will not send unsolicited email to Vendo accounts for marketing purposes.

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