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  • NZD $45
    Home: Here To Stay. by Mere Kepa, Marilyn McPherson and Linita Manuatu
    Here Stay by Mere Kepa Marilyn McPherson and Linita Manuatu This is a collection of twelve academic essays that consider understandings of and the impact of dominant societies on indigenous societies and their s The book covers and language preservation lessness retention of land tobacco use in the ... +
  • NZD $45
    A Maori Reference Grammar. by Ray Harlow
    A Maori Reference Grammar by Ray Harlow Based on a third-year university course Ray Harlow taught for a number of years this grammar reference book is intended for people whose knowledge of Mori is at that level or higher learners native speakers and teachers of Mori The book provides explanations a... +
  • NZD $45
    Te Whiti o Rongomai and the Resistance of Parihaka. by Danny Keenan
    Te Whiti o Rongomai and the Resistance of Parihaka by Danny Keenan This is an account of the life and times of Te Whiti o Rongomai set against the politics and Crown policies of the nineteenth century It traces the forces that shaped his lifes journey from Ngmotu where he was born his settling at Pa... +
  • NZD $25
    Meariki: The Quest for Truth. by Helen Pearse-Otene
    Meariki The Quest for Truth by Helen Pearse-Otene Part of The Matawehi Fables or Ng Waituhi o Matawehi series this graphic novel is about Meariki a slave who serves a chiefs only daughter Hineamuru When Hineamuru is abducted by a warlock Meariki and Phi a young warrior and Hineamurus lover go on a h... +
  • NZD $25
    Arohanui - Revenge of the Fey. by Helen Pearse-Otene
    Arohanui Revenge of the Fey by Helen Pearse-Otene Part of The Matawehi Fables or Ng Waituhi o Matawehi series this graphic novel is a story of two hostile tribes one thriving the other starving and forced enter into a hard bargain survive In the midst of the conflict two lovers from opposing tribes ... +
  • NZD $45
    Heke-nuku-mai-nga-iwi Busby: Not Here by Chance. by Jeff Evans
    Heke-nuku-mai-nga-iwi Busby Not Here by Chance by Jeff Evans This biography of Heke-nuku-mai-nga-iwi Busby brings together the varied life experiences that have made Hec Busby the master waka builder waka expert celestial navigator and highly regarded Te Rarawa elder that he is today He is one of th... +
  • NZD $20
    `O le Ketapila Matua Fia `Ai. by Eric Carle
    O le Ketapila Matua Fia Ai by Eric Carle The popular childrens picture book The Very Hungry Caterpillar is now translated into Samoan. With the same beautiful illustrations and dye cut pages as the original book the Samoan translation retains the humour and quirky character of the little caterpillar... +
  • NZD $49.99
    Fred Graham Creator of Forms - Te Tohunga Auaha. by Maria de Jong
    Fred Graham Creator of Forms Te Tohunga Auaha by Maria de Jong This comprehensive survey of the art of Fred Graham the artists life from his childhood in the Waikato his career as a sculptor Fred Graham is a leading figure in New Zealands art world He began as an art teacher and since 1984 he has be... +
  • NZD $20
    Te Mihini Iti Kowhai. by Betty Gilderdale
    Te Mihini Iti Kowhai by Betty Gilderdale Here is the classic story of The Little Yellow Digger translated into te reo Mori The digger working in the garden next door gets stuck in the mud when it rains and needs some from a bigger digger A much loved story The Little Yellow Digger won the 2003 Story... +
  • NZD $45
    The Spirit of Maori Leadership. by Selwyn Katene
    The Spirit of Maori Leadership by Selwyn Katene The Spirit of Mori Leadership explores what leadership is discusses different models and styles of Mori leadership describes the qualities and approaches of Mori leaders and using this knowledge looks at the attributes and styles needed in future leade... +
  • NZD $40
    Wiremu Tamihana. by Evelyn Stokes
    Wiremu Tamihana by Evelyn Stokes This is a history taken from his own words of one of New Zealands most important Mori leaders It is the most complete collection of sources and commentary surrounding the life of Wiremu Tamihana Te Waharoa Tarapipipi rangatira of the Ngti Haua iwi commonly referred a... +
  • NZD $35 $30save $5
    Earth, Sea, Sky. by Patricia Grace
    Earth Sea Sky by Patricia Grace Korihi ake nga manu Takiri mai te ataKa ao ka ao ka awatea Tihei mauri ora The birds call the day begins and I am alive Patricia and Waiariki Grace's lyrical translations and explanations of Mori poetry and traditional wisdom are presented alongside Craig Potton's evo... +
  • NZD $16 $10save $6
    Where's Koro's Hat?. by Kerehi Waiariki
    Where's Koro's Hat by Kerehi Waiariki On calm sunny days like today Koro loved go fishing He loved fishing with his mokopuna But Koro needed his hat shade his head from the hot sun But where is his hat Also available in Mori Childrens ISBN 9781869693978 Dimensions 210 x 240 Pages 24 Format softcover Language English Publication Date Feb 2010 $10.00.
  • NZD $40 $15save $25
    The Beating Heart: A Political and Socio-economic History of Te Arawa. by Vincent O Malley & David Armstrong
    The Beating Heart A Political and Socio-economic History of Te Arawa by Vincent O Malley David Armstrong The Beating Heart the determined efforts since the 1830s of Te Arawa tribes work with the Crown and settlers pursue a mutually advantageous relationship under the Treaty while at the same time ma... +
  • NZD $15
    Te Taniwha i te Kura. by Tim Tipene
    Te Taniwha i te Kura by Tim Tipene Ka rarua a Tama e tetahi taniwha kino rawa Awangawanga ana ka patapatai ia ki tona whanau kia mohio mai ia me aha tana mahi Ka ki mai tenei me tena me penei me pena heoi ano me aro atu ia ki nga korero a wai kia tau te rangimarie ki runga ki tenei taniwha He korero... +
  • NZD $30
    Unlevel Crossings. by Michael O'Leary
    Unlevel Crossings by Michael O'Leary Picaresque hero Patrick Mika Fitzgerald embarks on a physical and psychological train trip He travels from Auckland Dunedin in of love but along the way he encounters many things that he didn't bargain on Patrick Mika Fitzgerald's journey is playful outrageous an... +
  • NZD $30 $20save $10
    The Skeleton Woman. by Renee
    The Skeleton Woman by Renee A baby on the doorstep a skeleton woman biding time before the truth comes out Rose Anthony's life has just become much more complicated Rose Anthony an engaging and imperfect heroine with her fiftieth birthday looming finds an abandoned baby outside her kitchen door Bogg... +
  • NZD $45 $30save $15
    Faith, Politics and Reconciliation: Catholicism and the Politics of Indigeneity. by Dominic OSullivan
    Faith Politics and Reconciliation Catholicism and the Politics of Indigeneity by Dominic OSullivan Were Catholics guilty of aiding and abetting the genocide of indigenous peoples during the colonization of Australia and New Zealand Is saying sorry and paying some compensation for losses suffered ind... +
  • NZD $50 $25save $25
    Stonefish (hardcover). by Keri Hulme
    Stonefish hardcover by Keri Hulme "Everything changes everything flows nothing is exactly what it seems." A stonefish is at once a venomous fish and in Mori narrative pounamu greenstone jade which swam the West Coast of Aotearoa New Zealand's South Island in the form of a fish Stonefish by Booker Pr... +
  • NZD $27 $20save $7
    Shadow Waters. by Chris Baker
    Shadow Waters by Chris Baker Shadow Waters carries the reader on a rich adventure into the super-natural world Phillip Mann After a devastating pandemic Hoheria and Ken travel through a decimated landscape fulfil a promise What they discover is a world where myth has become real and long-dormant anc... +
  • NZD $30
    The Smell of the Moon. by Mark Kneubuhl
    The Smell of the Moon by Mark Kneubuhl This book is not Lord of the Rings but it is a quest; and it is not Roots but it is a story about the difficult and joyous for your origins; and it is not Gilligans Island but it is set on an island paradise The Smell of the Moon celebrates a return humanity fa... +
  • NZD $20
    Inna Furey. by Isabel Waiti-Mulholland
    Inna Furey by Isabel Waiti-Mulholland The first time Leanne looks into Inna Furey's eyes she feels a cold wind blowing on her face It doesn't take long for Leanne change her question Who is this new girl another far more mysterious one What is she This novel for young adults tells the story of Inna ... +
  • NZD $16
    Kei hea taku potae?. by Kerehi Waiariki
    Kei hea taku potae by Kerehi Waiariki This reader tells the story of a koroua who loses his hat Tr tthi koroua e haere ana ki te mngoingoi n te mea e marino ana te moana e whiti ana te r he rangi tino ataahua Ka haere ana ptai ki tana whnau Kei hea taku ptae He aha te whakautu a tana mokopuna Also a... +
  • NZD $20
    Nga Pakiwaitara a Huia 3 (1999). by Huia Publishers
    Nga Pakiwaitara a Huia 3 1999 by Huia Publishers Here are the best short stories for adults in Maori from the 1999 Huia Short Story Awards judged by Timoti Karetu imaginative humorous sad unsettling contemporary and traditional yet all uniquely Maori Tangihoro Fitzgerald Beryl Heremia John Naera Way... +