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Located in downtown Takapuna Beach on the North Shore, serving the local art community since the early seventies. The only art supply store in the greater Auckland area that has a working artists' studio on premises.
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    Tie Dye Kit
    These easy-to-use tie dye kit features Procion MX fiber reactive dye, a concentrated dye that produces exceptionally brilliant color on any non-synthetic fabric. Each complete kit includes supplies to dye up to fifteen adult T-shirts: instructions, dyes in fuchsia, turquoise and yellow, soda ash dye...
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    Indigo Tie Dye Kit
    This kit brings the ancient art of indigo dyeing to the home dyer in a user-friendly formulation. Indigo dye, which comes from a plant, is one of the oldest dyes used for coloring fabrics and the one still used today to color blue jeans. This natural dye process has long been used in many cultures a...
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    Cyanotype Sensitizer Set
    2 Component Set for Photographic blueprints on paper and fabric Cyanotype is the original sun-printing process, one of the earliest photographic techniques. Discovered in 1842 and distinctive for producing rich, Prussian blue monochromatic prints, Cyanotype was popular well into the 20th century as ...
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    SolarFast Starter Kit
    This kit is a great way to get started with SolarFast. It includes three colors of 2 oz. SolarFast Dye including violet, orange and blue, three sheets of SolarFast Film, SolarFast Wash, SolarFast Film Pen, a backer board, sponges, pins and test fabric. It includes everything needed to start solar printing shadow prints and continuous tone photographs.
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    Jacquard Marbling Kit Visit Store
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    Jagua All Natural Temporary Tattoo Kit
    A bluish-black temporary tattoo ink made from an Amazonian fruit juice, Jagua has been used by indigenous peoples of the Amazon for thousands of years to create body art. Safe, non-toxic and 100% natural, Jagua tattoos last 1-2 weeks and look like a real tattoo Apply to any part of the body to express yourself, fool your friends or test drive tattoo ideas.
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    You Can Refillable Air Powered Spray Can
    This refillable air pressured spray can is great for applying fabric paint, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor, varnish, alcohol inks, primer, adhesives, cleaner, water and any other liquid to a surface. Fill the can 1/3 of the way full, insert valve gasket, valve, and screw on the collar and pressurize with an air compressor or bike pump. Attach any spray cap of your choosing and spray.
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    Jacquard Basic Dyes
    The perfect solution for hard-to-dye materials. Developed for acrylic fibers (e.g. faux fur, wigs and inexpensive yarn), these dyes are also the go-to for wood, reeds, straw, paper, leather and hemp Use them for potpourri, dolls, buttons and furniture, or add to Piata Claro Extender for custom alcohol ink colors.
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    Mehndi Henna Kit
    Create exotic temporary tattoos in the East Indian style using this henna dye kit. Everything needed to create your own body art is included. Tattoos last approximately 10 days.
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    Caran d'Ache Pablo
    Designed by the Maison Caran dAche for artists and design enthusiasts, Pablo permanent pencils match the superior quality required for colour drawings, while the precision of Pablo leads is ideally suited to realist drawing. The dry, 3.8 mm diameter leads, based on a formula ensuring exceptionally h...
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    SolarFast Dye
    These dyes are used to create photograms, continuous tone photographs, shadow prints and ombr s on fabric and paper. It is also great for painting, tie-dyeing, screen-printing, stamping, batik and more. 4 ounce bottles
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    Jacquard Airbrush Paint
    Jacquard Airbrush Colors meet the needs of artists, raising the bar for quality, economy and versatility. Though originally formulated for textiles, the exceptional durability, unsurpassed coverage and superb flexibility of Jacquard Airbrush Colors have attracted artists of every ilk. The go-to pain...
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    Jacquard iDye
    Dyeing fabric in a washing machine has never been easier. iDye comes in a 14 g. packet that dissolves in water which means there is no handling of messy dye powders. Just throw the dye packet in, add salt or vinegar and run through the wash cycle. It is the ultimate easy way to get gorgeous color Ea...
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    Jacquard Textile Color 2.25oz
    Decorate fabrics beautifully with Jacquard's stunning colors. These textile colors leave your fabric as soft as possible. The color is intense and semi-opaque. You can blend any color with the Colorless Extender to increase transparency or with white to create subtle pastels. They are absolutely col...
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    Caran d'Ache Neopastel Crayons
    Neopastels are professional quality oil pastels with superb smoothness and blendability. These pastels are absolutely dustless. They are made from permanent pigments that are equally suited to intense coloring, delicate shading, and subtle transition of hue. Individual pastels measure 62mm 9mm.
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