List on Vendo

You can list your products on Vendo if you already have an online store. Your website will be indexed automatically by our VendoBot, or through a dedicated XML or CSV feed. Customers that find your products on Vendo click through to your website to purchase. (Technical requirements).

Plan Free Basic Pro Enterprise
Monthly $0 $29 $49 $99
Max. Products 50 500 5,000 Unlimited
Priority Placement
Free Support
Free trial
30 day 30 day 30 day
Updates monthly weekly daily daily

Priority Placement

Paid listings appear higher in search results. Paid listings also allow you to add product keywords that don't appear in the product name utilising the meta keywords tag. For example, if a customer searches for "blue jeans" and your product name is "Men's Small" you can add "blue jeans" to the meta keywords tag. (You don't need to repeat words that are already in the name, and any order is sufficient).

List on Vendo:

Sell on Vendo

Set up a storefront on Vendo. It’s free for up to 50 products or for more than 50 products from $29 per month.

Your products will be displayed on Vendo at and your customisable online store will be available at

With Basic or higher plans your store can be customised to your own design and configured to your own domain e.g.

Note: Any products changed on your store are automatically updated on your storefront.

Plan Free Basic Pro Enterprise
Monthly fee $0 $29 $49 $99
Max. Products 50 500 5,000 Unlimited
Secure HTTPS
Listed on
Stock control
Manual orders
CSV Import/Export
XML feeds
Email templates
HTML templates
Code library
Smart tags
Multiple categories
Courier rates
Gift wrapping
Personal message
Handling fees
Shipping calculator
Combine shipping
Multiple recipients
Wish List
Guest checkout
Delete account
Wholesale pricing
Google integration
Custom URL
Discount Codes
Gift Vouchers
Unlimited variants
Unlimited admins
Restricted access admins
Affiliate Codes
Bulk mailer
Live Chat
Quantity pricing
Static file caching
SQL Admin
Related products
Also bought
Search autosuggest
Search filters
Stickie Notes
Product comments
Data backups
Automated daily database backups with instant rollback to store database and templates so you don’t need to worry about making a mistake or deleting the wrong data
Followup email
PHP editing
Create a store with multiple stores that have their own domain, and allow direct-to-store purchases. Stores can share the same master template or have their own design. All products can be deisplayed within the "parent" store using a shared database, but orders, customers and information pages can be customised individually. Stores may also add their own products and categories, or add products for all stores.
Multistore w/ branches
Create a store with branches that have their own sub-domain, and allow direct-to-branch purchases. All products are displayed within the "parent" store using a shared database, but orders, customers and information pages can be customised individually. Branches may also add their own products and categories, or add products for all branches.
Enable multiple websites running on one products database, while layout, customer data and information is unique to each site. Each website can have its own templates, but shares the products and categories database; new and updated products are imported from the parent/master hourly.
Free Support
Support includes phone and email tech support, help with making design and content changes and data integration assistance, all handled within the Vendo job ticketing admin

See the list of features for more functionality.


Hourly: $125 per hour, in increments of .1 hours (6 minutes) = $12.50.
Monthly: $50 per month unlimited

Pro and Enterprise plans include free unlimited support.

Support includes aisstance with any changes you need to make such as programming and functionality, training, API connectivity, data integration and product importing.

Partner Pricing

If you have more than one store you can take advantage of our bulk pricing plans:

Plan 10 stores 20 stores 50 stores 100 stores
Monthly fee $199 $299 $499 $999
Per Store * $20 $15 $10 $10
Max. Licence Pro Pro Enterprise Enterprise
Free Support

Please contact us if you would like to register for partner pricing.