About Vendo

  1. What is Vendo?
  2. Who is behind Vendo?
  3. What technology do we use?
  4. How do I delete my account?

What is Vendo?

Vendo is a NZ online marketplace for selling or listing your products.

Listing on Vendo

If you have a website you can list your products, customers can search on Vendo, click through to yur website and complete their purchase. You can enable listing by entering your website address, so Vendo can spider your website, or a feed in CSV, or XML formats. Your products will be updated on Vendo monthly, weekly or daily, depending on the plan you select and how often you update your products.

Selling on Vendo

If you don't have a store, or have a store but would also like to sell on Vendo directly, you can set up a storefront on Vendo then enter your products. You will need to enter the following:

  1. a store profile including your physical address, phone number and email address so customers can contact you.
  2. shipping rates, you can also offer free shipping and Click and Collect options.
  3. payment method: any one or more payment opetions for receiving sales including Stripe, Paypal, Pament Express, for receiving credit card payments, and a bank account number for payments made using online banking.
  4. at least one product, which must include name, price, a summary and an image.
  5. Once you've set up these options you can flck the switch and "go live".
Creating a standalone website

You can also use the Vendo store builder to set up a website with its own domain which feeds product directly to Vendo, and also sells directly to customers. All under the one website admin.

With a custom URL you can customise the "look and fee" using HTML, CSS and Javascript, by creating a master template, and also adding "skins" for specific pages or sections. For technical reference see the Vendo Code Library which details how to manage yur data, create templates and connect with other applications you may have using the Vendo API.

Vendo is free during setup, so you can create a store then take as long as you need to get started. When you're ready to go live, or if you have more than 50 products, you can upgrade to a paid plan. You can also "go offline" at any time or change your plan as needed.

Who is behind Vendo?

Vendo was created in June 2003 by Jason Morehouse (programming, Canada) and Sean Naden (design, Auckland) based on software developed at Netconcepts. Since 2003 several developers, business partners and users have contributed to the development of the Vendo platform.

What technology do we use?

Vendo is written in PHP, using MySQL and SQLite databases, hosted by Sitehost in Auckland, on Apache web servers running a Debian distribution of the Linux operating system. Some translations powered by Yandex.Translate

How do I delete my account?

1. Log in at www.vendo.co.nz/login/
2. Go to www.vendo.co.nz/account/ where you will see a link on the left to "Delete account"
3. Click Delete account.

This will delete your account completely including any orders placed on any Vendo store. This cannot be undone.